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Stocking Stuffer II


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The trendy stocking stuffer, this combo comes with a Hay Ruler, Laptop Brush and Bits and Bobs Container. Each item designed by Hay Design and each piece is modern and practical.

The Hay Ruler, made from Beech is stylish giving a fun yet professional vibe. The Computer Brush is perfect for cleaning laptops, TV’s, Phones and more. The line of firm bristles along the top of the brush make it easy to reach between the keys on your computer keyboard and the bottom soft bristles make it easy to clean screens and monitors. The Bits and Bobs glass Container are perfect for storing just about anything, from paper clips to ponytails and bobby pins! Use it on your bedside or in the office it will keep all your little things safe in one place.

Save 5% when you purchase these items all together and rest easy knowing if you’re not 100% satisfied all returns are on us!

Ruler Information:
Size – 30cm
Material – Beech

Computer Brush Information:
Length – 26cm
Color – natural
Material – Beech, natural goat, and horse hair

Bits and Bobs Information:
Diameter – 10 cm
Height – 2 cm
Material – glass



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