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Modern Wood Napkin and Coffee Filter Holder


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If you drink filter coffee (or have ever used a napkin) you’ll have experienced the hurricane-through-a-café look that comes after a gentle gust of wind or accidental elbow knock. Not designed to be kept loose, your filters will be much easier to grab from a coffee filter holder. Your napkins will look prettier in a cute, contemporary napkin holder. And drinking and dining will be just that little bit easier.

In true Hile Design style, the Sola Filter & Napkin Holder effortlessly combines fun, class, and utility. Keeping your coffee filters and napkins tidy and wrinkle-free has never been easier – or better looking. Fill it with those very necessary coffee filters for making that very necessary coffee, or stuff full of prettily printed paper napkins ready for dinner.

Blending straight, clean lines with curved corners, the Sola sits pretty wherever you choose to place it, though we recommend center stage next to the coffee machine or on the dining table. You’ll want to show it off, after all. This versatile wooden napkin holder is made from Finnish birch plywood and topped with a sleek, white finish, so you’ll have no trouble matching it to any interior or pattern.

Whether you choose to use the Sola as a funky coffee filter holder or a modern napkin holder, you won’t be disappointed with its quality and durability. The carefully thought out design will work with most standard sized filters and napkins and fits a whole bunch, so you won’t be left refilling every other day. Unless you go through a whole lot more coffee or mess than we do…

• Designed and manufactured in Finland
• Made using high-quality birch plywood
• Simple and practical design
• Easy to clean
• Attractive, durable finish
• Keeps napkins and filters clean and wrinkle-free
• Holds 100 pieces minimum
• Fits most standard brands and sizes

HILE Design

Hilja Nikkanen and Teemu Karhunen make up the design duo of Hile Design, a Finnish brand that not only designs but also manufactures long lasting life enhancing products. Staying true to the Scandinavian methodology, they create quality products, with a clear l...

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