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Scandinavian Design Candle Holder


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These Scandinavian Design Candle Holders are made by Normann Copenhagen by designers Simon Legald and Pontus NY. The Folk Candlestick was designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind and can clearly be seen through the clean lines within the design. The Nocto Candlestick is a modern  variation of the traditional chamber candlestick holder. With the handle it’s easy to carry the candle from one room to room if needed. Both candle holders can easily be added in with your home decor to add a little extra visual expression to the space. With this purchase you can choose either one Rose or Mint Nocto Candle Holder, and one Grey or Blue Folk Candlestick Holder. Please specify when you purchase.

All the options are also available for individual purchase.

Normann Copenhagen available through Blackthumb Canada USA

Normann Copenhagen

The Danish company Normann Copenhagen was created in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, with a vision to make a difference in the design industry. By collaborating with many talented designers from around the world this brand continues to create not only stunning...

Additional Product Info

Folk Candle Holder Size

16.3×10.5×9.3 cm

Nocto Candle Holder Size

6x12x10.5 cm

Care instructions

Clean with a damp cloth