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Lup Copper Candle Holder Square


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The Lup Copper Candle Holder with square base was designed by Shane Schneck for Hay Design. Inspired by a line drawing this candle holder is made from a single piece of copper looping around to create the elegant and simple design. This copper candle holder is sure to be a great addition in your home by adding warmth through it’s traditional Scandinavian design.


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Hay Design was established in 2002 and quickly became a leading brand of modern and functional Scandinavian design. The driving force behind this brand is the continual need to provide functional answers to functional needs. They provide answers through meaningful a...

Additional Product Info


Powder coated solid copper


10.5 cm


14.5 cm


Copper is affected by air – its surface oxidizes and becomes darker gradually.

Care instructions

Do not let the candle burn completely as it will heat the candle holder and mark the finish.