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Grey Cotton Apron – Ferm Living


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If you want to look stylish cooking and avoid all culinary disasters this apron is a must have! By the iconic Danish brand Ferm Living, the 100% Grey Cotton Apron has a masculine touch from its old craftsman’s uniform style and detail in the leather harness. This very cool apron has removable straps making it easy to machine wash after a big night of cooking!

This product is also available in Blue.


Ferm Living available through Blackthumb Canada USA

Ferm Living

This Danish brand was created by Trine Anderson in 2006, and has grown into one of the most sought after Scandinavian home décor brands.  They draw on Scandinavian design traditions and charm as well as materials. Starting with her first wallpaper collection in 2006...

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W 70 x L 84 cm


100% cotton, Harness leather

Care instructions

wash in 60 degree water (remove leather and straps before washing)