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Normann Copenhagen

Flip Mirror Normann Copenhagen


The Flip Mirror by Normann Copenhagen is simply a mirror that offers a little bit more. This Flip Mirror was inspired by the traiditonal dressing table, but this modern take allows one to quickly check their appearance before leaving the house and having small items such as bobby pins or a necklace available if you need them. The Flip Mirror can be placed on a chest of drawers, shelf, or in the hallway. It also works great as a make-up mirror in the bedroom.

This product won the 2013 Best of the Year Interior Design Award – Honoree.

Normann Copenhagen available through Blackthumb Canada USA

Normann Copenhagen

The Danish company Normann Copenhagen was created in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, with a vision to make a difference in the design industry. By collaborating with many talented designers from around the world this brand continues to create not only stunning...

Additional Product Info


Black, Blue, Yellow


34.5 cm


28 cm


19.5 cm


1.5 kg

Care instructions

Clean with a damp cloth


Flip can be turned up, down and rotated 350 degrees