Kitchen / Decorative Black and White Cutting Board

Ferm Living

Decorative Black and White Cutting Board


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This decorative black and white cutting board is also reversible and has Ferm Living’s notable retro feel. It’s also great to use this decorative cutting board as a serving plate when you’re entertaining guests at a dinner party! It’s dishwasher safe making clean up easy and can even be used as a coaster for hot pots and pans, the only thing limiting you with this product is your imagination. This cutting board is made from individual sheets of Scandinavian birth wood from a renewable forest, and only the finest raw materials have been used to create this beautiful birch wood cutting board.

Ferm Living available through Blackthumb Canada USA

Ferm Living

This Danish brand was created by Trine Anderson in 2006, and has grown into one of the most sought after Scandinavian home décor brands.  They draw on Scandinavian design traditions and charm as well as materials. Starting with her first wallpaper collection in 2006...

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19.5 x 29.5 cm


Laminated birch veneer