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Eva Levin - Scandinaviaform

Chamber Vase


This beautiful Chamber Vase was inspired by designer Eva Levin from the traditional chamber candlestick holder. Made from porcelain the base of this vase can easily be filled with water to prolong the life of your fresh flowers. Simply lift the cork and copper topper to add water. This beautiful vase brings new life into the home with it’s simple and elegant design.

View the Consilium Vase and Glasilium Vase also be Eva Levin of Scandinaviaform.

Eva Levin – Scandinaviaform

Scandinaviaform is a young Swedish brand created by the talented designer Eva Levin, and her best known work to date is the ever so stylish Consilium Vase, which shows the beauty of a single stem flower perfectly. Creations and new ideas have always fascinated this ...

Additional Product Info


Black, White


70 x 60 mm (inc. top)


Porcelain, Cork, Copper