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Normann Copenhagen

Gry Fager

Blue and White Porcelain Milk Jug


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This beautiful Blue and White Porcelain Milk Jug is part of the Mormor Collection from Normann Copenhagen. With it’s clean and simple design, the porcelain milk jug is a clear reference to the tradition kitchen through the cloth pattern, something the designer was eager to incorporate into the design and she’s done it perfectly, don’t you think? Try placing different pieces from the Mormor Collection together to create a beautiful look within your kitchen. This milk jug is dishwasher safe.



Gry Fager

Normann Copenhagen

This talented Danish ceramist and designer finds her inspiration for patterns and textiles normally associated with the kitchen, like the traditional checkered tea towel that inspired the Mormor Collection which was a collaboration with Normann Copenhagen. Gry loves...

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