Limited Edition / Behind Blinds Black No.2 by Kristina Krogh

Kristina Krogh Studio

Behind Blinds Black No.2 by Kristina Krogh


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Created from an original piece of artwork, this print was made using watercolor. Part of the “Shades” series by Kristina Krogh the Behind Blinds is an interpretation of interaction between light and shadow and the various changes in shapes and stories that emerge according to where and how the light falls.

The print is printed on 265 gsm white high quality matt paper and features a distinct smooth surface in both look and feel, which makes the black color very rich and deep.

Special information:
The print is very delicate and very good care must be taken. We recommend having it framed right away not touching it at all, to avoid unnecessary marks on the black ink.

Fits a standard frame size.


Kristina Krogh Studio

Kristina Krogh is the artistic genius behind this young Danish brand that brings beautiful prints to homes around the world. Having always been fascinated by materials and objects, inspiration is found through “a beautiful old parquet, a perfect color combination of...

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Print size

40 x 50 cm


Frame not included