Plant a Seed

If you’re planning to grow some of your own herbs or flowers this winter here a few tips I found to be very helpful when I first started planting from seed:

1 – Place a few pebbles in the bottom of the pot and ensure that it has sufficient drainage.
2 – Plant the seeds twice the depth of its length. I generally lightly pack the soil before sowing the seeds and then sprinkle soil on top after.
3 – Try to not over water your seeds/plant. It depends on what you’re growing but I’ve found keeping the soil moist has been the best. Water once or twice a day (depending on how dry the soil is), once in the morning and once in the evening. If it dries out between watering that’s ok.
4 – Ensure they are in a sunny window (south or east facing is best). If you get a lot of east facing sun you can place your plants in an east window to catch the morning sunlight and move them to a south window to catch more sun the rest of the day.
5 – Be sure to tend to them every day especially when they’re germinating and just starting to grow, this is a critical time.
6 – Enjoy watching them grow! If you think your plants over crowded pick a few out and re-pot into another container.

We would love for you to share any helpful tips you have, I am still new to gardening and have a lot to learn myself!

Pictures by: Marthe Holien