How to Regrow Vegetables from Scraps

Being one of those people with a black thumb (I think its slowly getting greener though!) I would always get a bit nervous trying to grow or keep something alive, in case it died again! If you’re like me, I thought you would like to know about this list of vegetables you likely have in your kitchen that regenerate. It’s a great way to start an indoor garden this winter, and really what do you have to lose since you’ve already bought the vegetable anyway! Have fun and I would love to hear how your progress goes, you can share with us through Instagram @loveplantgrow and check out the Herb Stand by Normann Copenhagen as a great product to use for regrowing and will look fabulous in your kitchen as well! Have fun and happy growing.

Garlic Sprouts- from garlic clove or bulb

Using a small clear container (so you can tell when the water needs to be changed) add enough water to cover the bottom of the container, just enough that it touches the bottom of the clove/bulb. Be careful not to submerge it as it can cause it to rot. Change the water when it appears cloudy, every couple days is best, and also keep an eye on the water level and add more as needed. You’ll need to place it in a bright sunny place, to maximize the growth. You can start harvesting your sprouts after they reach 3” tall, they can grow up to 10” tall. About 2” of the sprout blade is equal to 1 tablespoon. These are used best as a garnish on fresh food such as salad, hummus, guacamole, and other dips. If you’d like you can transfer to soil, but it isn’t required as the spouts are able to get the nutrients it needs from the clove.


Romaine Lettuce

Fabulous for so many dishes. By saving the bottom of the lettuce head place the bottom stump in a clear container in half an inch of water. Be sure to check the water level and add more as needed and change regularly, every couple of days. The lettuce will need to be place in a sunny window sill. It will start to regrow very quickly! Also you can transplant to soil but it’s not necessary as it grows really well in the water.


Vegetable to regrow in your kitchen Canada

Bok Choy

Fabulous with a stir fry, or as a side with chicken or fish, this is another easy vegetable to regrow. By placing the base of the bok choy in small container of water in a sunny location it will start to regenerate. Be sure to check the water level, and change it regularly to ensure it doesn’t get slimy. You can transfer to soil after about a week and it will continue to grow.




Like the other veggies above this one is also really easy to regrow. Cut off the bottom and place in a clear container with a little bit of water. Check the water level regularly and also change the water to make sure it stays clean. With celery it’s best to let it begin to regenerate in the small container of water and then move it to soil after about a week, completely covering it and watering it to ensure the soil stays moist. You should begin to see leaves and stalks coming through the soil by the end of the first week in the pot. Be sure it keep it in a sunny location and have fun!



Spring Onions

Easily regrown when you place the end with root in a small clear container of water. Keep in a sunny spot in your home and change the water regularly when it starts to get a little cloudy, also check the water levels regularly as well. These regrow quickly and you can continue to start to regrow again after you harvest them. You can also transfer these to soil to regrow but water works just as well. Try this lovely spring onion dip recipe


spring onions