Dark and Moody Apartment


With the cold weather setting in and the days getting shorter I thought it would be an appropriate time to share this stunning dark and moody apartment.

Dark-and-moody-apartment Dark-and-moody-apartment

Dark-and-moody-apartment Dark-and-moody-apartment

The dark grey walls throughout seem overwhelming at first but with the natural light teeming in, and pops of color throughout it really does look wonderful and gives off a cozy feel for those dark winter days.

Dark-and-moody-apartment Dark-and-moody-apartment

Dark-and-moody-apartment Dark-and-moody-apartment

I also love the mix of materials in the furniture in this apartment, as well as that amazing bathroom, those paneled walls are fantastic!

This hand sculpture totally reminds me of the Hands Up Collection by Kreativitum

Source: Nordic Design 

Pictures: Davide Lovatti