Creating a Simple Yet Beautiful Interior

The interior of a person’s home can speak volumes. It is a place to incorporate your personality and characteristics for your friends and family to see and enjoy as much as you. However, sometimes a home can become cluttered, and with clutter comes stress and disorder.

The Japanese have always utilized the art of minimalism throughout their homes, allowing themselves the bare minimum and allowing function and aesthetics to coexist with one another. If there were no use for something, then it would no longer reside in their homes. A lot of cultures could benefit from the Japanese’s minimalistic way of living.

If you want to create a simple interior for a future house or you need to reorganize your possessions, furniture and aesthetics, the tips below can help you to create a beautiful, yet orderly interior.

Change of Color

You may love bold and bright colors, but for the walls of a home, more neutral palettes are more complimentary and easier to match up with furniture and knick-knacks. Therefore, if your walls are currently bright orange or blood red, paint over them with a more low-key pastel or off-white color. Simple colors do not have to boring, and make sure to consider feature walls or juxtaposing furniture that will make the subtle color of the walls ‘pop.’

Natural Light

Not only does natural light contribute to good mental health and increase happiness, but it also makes a room much more appealing and comfortable. Large, clean windows can make a house seem bigger, and natural light allows your possessions to seem sleeker and well-presented.

If you are a parent worried about incorporating large, open windows into your home’s design, Teal products offer manual or automatic window openers which ensure a child’s safety. Manual Window Openers are similar to those found in schools or public buildings where a cost effect “child-safe” system is required, and Automatic Window Openers not only allow you easily open high, out of reach windows, but are electric with a remote that can be kept out of a child’s hands.


Artwork is an important contribution to any house. Not only does it allow you express yourself through your select taste in artwork, but it can add color and depth into a home. While simple houses and minimalistic décor tend to steer towards light color schemes, artwork is a great way to add color to a household. Not only does a cream or single color wall offer a blank canvas for the painting or photograph to stand out from, but it also means your artwork will never clash with the rest of your interior.


Living in a disorganized house is never fun and can cause havoc to your social, personal and professional life. To stop this disorder from happening in your home, make sure to stay on top of your personal belongings and ensure everything serves a purpose. Of course, this does not mean you should throw everything ‘fun’ out and live in a home devoid of figures, toys or photo frames. However, it is a good idea to stay mindful. For example, if you find yourself the receiver of many candles for Christmas, re-gift the ones that do not suit your tastes or style to save room in your house.