Hay Design Furniture and Accessories

Hay Design was established in 2002 and quickly became a leading brand of modern and functional Scandinavian design. The driving force behind this brand is the continual need to provide functional answers to functional needs. They provide answers through meaningful and authentic pieces that have a long lifespan at affordable prices. Hay Design works with a number of well-established designers and emerging designers to come up with their innovative, quirky and unconventional ideas that can be translated into innovative form. The Hay Design accessory line was launched in 2005 and can now be found throughout the world in both modern offices and private homes. At the heart of each product you can feel the passion this brand pours into creating well thought out innovative products that combine joyful, straightforward and uncomplicated aesthetics. They also host a number of famous pop-up shops called Hay Mini Markets in various locations around the world.

We had a tour through the landmark Hay House in Copenhagen and were thoroughly impressed with the level of detail from small accessories to huge sofas. Also shining through was the passion and professionalism of each staff member and their commitment to the brand and vision. There were people from all over the world absolutely floored by the designs they were seeing.

We’re thrilled to be representing Hay Design in the rapidly growing North American market for beautiful modern design.