Beautiful Simple Interior

Beautiful Simple Interior

I came across this beautiful simple interior the other day and just loved how spacious it was as well as all that natural light streaming in! This is the home of Danish jewelry designer Cecilia Brøgger, who finds her inspiration from clean lines, geometric shapes and Scandinavian design, be sure to check out all her beautiful jewelry collection as well!

Beautiful Simple Interior Beautiful Simple Interior

As you can see her home is also full of clean, simple lines. The soft colors used in the art work throughout the space adds warmth as well as that gorgeous herringbone flooring!

Beautiful Simple Interior Beautiful Simple Interior

We love how shes has carefully displayed all the accessories, trays, and candlestick in her home, it gives a simple and inviting feel to the space.

Beautiful Simple Interior Beautiful Simple Interior

Hope you enjoyed this home tour!

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Home Tour Source: Nordic Design Blog
Photographer: Christina Kayser Onsgaard