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Photography by Kristofer Johnsson -

It all started on an unexpected trip to Helsinki, Finland. While wandering the streets on a cold spring afternoon, admiring all the beautiful and simple designs that Scandinavia is so well known for, Blackthumb was born.

Bringing a selection of stunning Scandinavian home and gardening products to North Americans for the first time, the stylish webshop Blackthumb Decor reflects the simplicity, functionality and timelessness of internationally renowned Nordic design. A carefully curated collection of affordable items has been chosen for their beauty, practicality and sustainable elements. The elegant site is also rich with news and inspiration related to Scandinavian design and culture, making Blackthumb a single source of total Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle enhancement, with easy-to-understand lifestyle ideas, recipes and gardening tips.

Nicola Fanstone

Nicola Fanstone is a Scottish-born Canadian currently residing in the beautiful Comox Valley. Previously residing in Europe and Asia’s contemporary business and lifestyle capital of Hong Kong, she worked extensively in architecture and interior design. During an unexpected trip to Helsinki, Nicola was spellbound by an abundance of superb Scandinavian design that she hadn’t encountered before in her native Canada. Embarking on a mission to bring these carefully crafted pieces to North America, when Nicola returned to Hong Kong she set about creating her dream – establishing a place where people could find unique, high-quality Scandinavian home and garden products that have been consciously created by talented Nordic designers.

We hope you enjoyed your Blackthumb experience, and enjoy our products as much as we do!

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