How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom

The toilet or the commode in your bathroom is more important that you may realize for multiple reasons. Firstly, as you and your family will be spending a good deal of time sitting on that seat every day, you better make sure that it is comfortable. Secondly, the commode is also a very important part of your bathroom décor that must match or complement the rest of the bathroom. To make sure that you end up choosing a product that ticks all the boxes, take a look at the points below.

Prefer the Oval Bowl

In most cases, an elongated or oval bowl will be more comfortable to sit on, so choose an oval commode over the round ones. However, if the toilet in question is to be placed in a secondary and particularly small bathroom, the round toilet might be a better fit, although you will be sacrificing comfort for convenience. Another advantage that round commodes have over elongated ones is that they are cheaper and very small children might find them to be more comfortable/accessible. In spite of being more expensive and space consuming, it is advised that you always choose the oval bowl if there’s enough room for it in your bathroom.

Taller vs Standard Toilets

The standard toilet is usually 14-inches from the ground, but recently, a lot of manufacturers are offering seats that are a few inches taller as well. Of course, it depends on your height and that of the others in your home, but generally speaking, adding an inch to the standard 14-inch toilet can make a big positive difference for the taller family members, without affecting the comfort or accessibility of the others.

Which Type of Toilet Should You Go For?

It is really hard to recommend one toilet that will sit well in every bathroom, so take a look at the following toilet types and make your own choice, in accordance with your bathroom’s décor, size, and style.

Two-Piece – This is the common toilet which sports the water tank right above the bowl and is usually more affordable.

One-Piece – The water tank and the bowl come as a single piece and, therefore, they are easier to clean but more expensive than the standard two-piece.

Wall-Mounted – It looks amazing and is so much easier to clean under the commode when it’s wall-mounted. However, they are significantly more expensive to install and the wall must be thick enough to support the fixture in the first place.

Use a Dual-Flush Toilet

This one is not exactly a deal breaker, but if you want to save some money by cutting down on the water bill, you should opt for a dual-flush toilet. There are two flushing buttons on such toilets, each of which releases 0.8-gallons of water, but if you feel like you need more water to flush the toilet, you can push both buttons at once for that. However, even dual-flush toilets do break down at times, so it’s essential for every homeowner to know at least the basics of how to fix a toilet that won’t flush.

Now that you know what to look for in your commode, you should be able to choose a product that’s right for your bathroom, without sacrificing comfort.