Creating the Perfect Room for Cozy Nights In

There’s nothing better than whiling rainy, cold evenings away sat in front of a good movie. It’s the best way to unwind after a stressful day, and set you up for a peaceful night of sleep. If you want your living room to exude tranquility and coziness, you need to get a few things in place when it comes to interior design. From the right couch to the right entertainment station, these changes are easy to implement, and you’ll get an amazing effect from it. Everyone needs a hidey-hole to enjoy and relax in, so whether it’s your living room or den room, here’s some simple ways to give any room that warm, snuggly feeling.

Couches to cuddle up on
Now, this is easily the most important part. If your couch isn’t soft, warm and inviting, it’s time to get a new one. Both leather and fabric have their advantages and disadvantages: some people love the forgiving leather cushions; others prefer the soft fabric. Either way, you need a couch big enough to curl up on– one that can prop you up while you read a book, but lets you relax when you’re feeling tired. Try modern sectional sofas for this effect: you get the support when you want to sit up, as well as the gorgeous corner area for when you want to have to a quick doze.

Warm, cozy soft furnishings
On top of having a super soft, super comfy sofa, you need the throws, blankets, and cushions to match. Plus, if you can’t afford a new couch, decorating with inviting throws is a good substitute. Find ones that match your current décor, or that can bring out bright statement colors in your existing palette. Above all, look for ones that are soft to touch. It’s a good idea to choose fabrics that are easy to clean – you don’t want the stress of having hard-to-clean throws!

Always-on entertainment
While televisions aren’t the most attractive feature of a room, they are – let’s face it – borderline necessary. People’s watching habits are changing, so you might decide that you don’t want a normal TV package, and you’re happy with subscribing to on-demand sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. If this is the case, you should choose a smart TV. These models let you access on-demand platforms as apps, so you don’t need to plug in your laptop every time you want to watch a movie or show. However, if you really don’t want a TV, you could look at getting a projector, and create a real cinema experience in your home. These can usually hook up to laptops, so you’ve got lots of freedom with what to watch.

Getting the mood right with lighting
Lighting is key when it comes to cozy nights in. You don’t want to be sat in complete darkness, but equally, you don’t want the full effect of a light. Choosing soft colored bulbs makes it easy to create this soft atmosphere, as does having dimmer switches installed. Or, you could string up fairy lights, and get their lovely twinkling effect.

Image via: Coco Lapine Design