Style Tips for Scandinavian-Themed Bathrooms

Scandinavian-style is the epitome of tranquillity. Think acres of white, clean surfaces, and ultra-contemporary fixtures and fittings. Does that sound appealing? If the answer is “yes!” you are not alone. Millions of people love Scandinavian inspired décor.

Scandinavian themed décor is very distinctive. If you have young children, floor to ceiling white may not work terribly well, but when it comes to bathrooms, Scandi-style really comes into its own.

Fifty Shades of White

White used in conjunction with natural materials and the occasional pop of colour looks fabulous in any home. In a bathroom, the colour white is clean, hygienic, and very refreshing. Most modern bathroom suites are white, so all you need to do is paint your walls brilliant white.

Replace coloured tiles with plain white ones. White metro tiles in a brick effect look fabulous, but pale marble or natural stone is also very attractive. However, if you do opt for natural stone, remember to seal it first, as it’s a naturally porous material. Too much white can feel a bit clinical, especially in a bathroom, so it’s OK to break up the white with a touch of colour. You can also use black and white tiles if you want to create a more industrial look in your bathroom.

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Bathroom Floor

Black and white tiles floors look fabulous, but natural materials work well, too. Oak and stripped pine will work well on the floor or when used as a material for your bathroom furniture. Scandinavian homes are full of pine as it’s a cheap building material. Wooden floors are not the best choice for bathrooms because of the high humidity levels, but you can use wood-effect laminate or vinyl strips. It’s also possible to find wood effect ceramic tiles these days, which look completely authentic.

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Fixtures and Fittings

A standalone bath is perfect for a Scandinavian themed bathroom. Walk-in showers also look great. Look for fixtures and fittings that are sleek, modern, and designed with an eye for simplicity. Instead of fussy cabinets, go for a floating vanity unit that hangs from the wall or a wet room. It’s all about creating a contemporary look.

Designer radiators and towel rails look great in a Scandinavian bathroom. Chrome, charcoal grey or white designer towel rails from will enhance your new bathroom perfectly.

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A Touch of Colour

There are plenty of ways to add colour to your theme. Scandinavian bathrooms often have plants sitting on shelves and window sills and hanging from ceilings. Look for plants that thrive in a humid atmosphere. They will add colour and oxygen to your bathroom, making it both attractive and healthy.

Don’t forget that a Scandinavian-themed bathroom is a great place to show off some contemporary artwork. Hang a quirky painting on the wall or show off your artistic skills with a framed drawing or charcoal sketch. A small painting will add some colour and interest to your bathroom and create a talking point for your guests.

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Images via: My Scandinavian Home, Pinterest