How to hang your artwork

Ever wonder what the ideal height to hang your artwork is? If you do, you’re not alone! This is a question we used to ask all the time and soon found out so did everyone else. So, we’re going to show you how to save you having to figure it out by yourself.

I love having artwork hanging in the home, and it took a little while before we finally found the secret to getting it at the right height, but now that we do it’s so simple! Follow the steps below and you won’t have an issue hanging artwork again.

  1. Measure 58″ on the wall
  2. Measure your piece of art and divide it by 2 to give you the center of the piece
  3. With your tape measure, measure the tight wire (as if it’s hanging on the hook) to the top of the frame (the small side)
  4. Now, take half the amount of your picture (step 2) and subtract the amount that is the tight wire to the top of the frame.
  5. Add the amount from step 4 to 58″ and this will tell you where you need to place the hook on the wall.

After you’ve done this a couple times it’s super easy. Here is an example to follow along with from a recent wall hanging I did.

  1. Measure 58″ on the wall
  2. The art is 20″, divided that by 2 it equals 10″ (this gives us the center of the artwork)
  3. The tight wire to the top of the frame equals 2″ (as if it’s hanging on the hook)
  4. Subtract half the art from the tight wire measurement, 10″ – 2″ = 8″
  5. Add together 58″ + 8″ = 66″ this is where you place the hook on the wall, at 66″

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Summer Wedding Gifts

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Mormor Collection by Normann Copenhagen

Colourful wool trivet by Aveva Design

Lup Wall Candlestick Holder by Hay Design

Form Chair by Normann Copenhagen

Block Table by Normann Copenhagen

Tint Throw Blanket by Normann Copenhagen

Quilt Cushions by Ferm Living

Tea Towels by Hay Design

Balance, limited edition art by Kristina Krogh Studio

As seen in Mollie Makes

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As seen in Mollie Makes

Rhubarb Mojito

With summer in full swing we’ve been looking up some fab drinks to share with you and recently came across this Rhubarb Mojito, a must try this summer!

Here’s what you need (serves 4 people):

1 lime
4 small sprigs of fresh rosemary
crushed ice
dark rum
4 tbsp of rhubarb syrup

Cut the lime into quarters and divide into four glasses with rosemary. Top with crushed ice, dark rum and water to taste. Add the rhubarb syrup and stir.

To make the syrup you need: 

300 g rhubarb
1 cup of water
3 sprigs of fresh rosemary cane

Cut the rhubarb into small pieces (about 1 cm) and rinse well. Combine rhubarb, water and rosemary in saucepan and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes. Remove from saucepan and strain rhubarb from the juice. Combine rhubarb and sugar (this measurement will depend on how sweet you like your syrup to be) and bring to boil until syrup is formed. Note that if you boil the syrup for too long it will be become too thick.


Drink recipe and images via: 


Grey Living Room Inspiration

You may have noticed a few weeks ago that our Instagram account was taken over by the lovely Zoe  from Zoe with Love Blog as she shared her latest living room refresh, we thought it looked fab and wanted to share some of that grey living room inspiration with you here.

Grey-Living-Room-Inspiration-2 Grey-Living-Room-Inspiration-4

We love the gallery wall she has created, the various size of prints and the arrangement is wonderful. We thought our Prickly Pear Print was a wonderful new addition to the space.

Grey-Living-Room-Inspiration-5 Grey-Living-Room-Inspiration-3

The accessories are perfectly placed, and we love how the mantle clock looks above the fire place! Adding just the right amount of blush for that feminine touch is evident throughout the space but not overdone.

With all that natural light streaming in, this space looks like a wonderful place to curl up and read a book for an afternoon!

See more from Zoe’s blog here!

Shop the look:
Mantle Clock, Scandinaviaform Consilium Vase, Nocto Candlestick Holder, Prickly Pear Print.





4 Tips to Make a New House Feel Like Your Home

The idea for this struck me a while back as I was in a dreaded big box store and noticed a massive array of wall hangings with quotes such as “Home is the where the heart is”, “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling” and the classic “Home Sweet Home”. While my emotional side’s response was somewhere between a cringe and an ‘awwww’, my analytical side realized that the concept of what home feels like is something I struggle with and the seemingly unlimited demand for “home something heart something lonely road something” posters suggests other people do as well. I eventually put pen to paper about the topic, hopefully you can pull some inspiration of your own from it and would love to hear additional ideas!

Having a new house built can be a very exciting, busy, and revolutionizing experience. Moving into that new house can be an even more life altering transformation for you and your family. So, when you move into a new place that is in a  way extremely foreign to you how do you take the beautiful house that you have just moved into and make it feel like an actual home?

Once your house has had all of the finishing touches put on it and you’ve moved all of your possessions in, it may be hard for you and your family to settle in. It may feel as if the house doesn’t have any characteristics that represent your family because you haven’t had a chance to put your individual touches on it. You want your dwelling to tell the story of your family and the love that you have for each other as well as reflect your taste and style.

That being said, the concept of what a home feels like is very subjective but here are some suggestions from my (too) many moving experiences.

Optimizing and customizing the space. The house may be new but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. Builders, architects and interior designers do their best to make houses live able but it’s you, the one who has to live there, who has the final say as to what works and what doesn’t. This doesn’t have to involve wrecking crews to get the desired effect, it could be as simple as using a bright color on a wall in a room without much natural light. It can also be nice to divide up open concept spaces with a well-placed shelving unit that also serves as valuable storage/display place.


Keeping plants in your abode can give off a serene vibe and make your residence a place that feels relaxed, yet alive. When considering what types of plants you would like to have in your home, the possibilities are endless. If you are someone that is able to keep a plant alive you could have any type of greenery that may look presentable with your decor, or a floral arrangement as the center piece of a table. This is such a great option, we have whole blog post on it that you can check  out for even more ideas!


Another decorative aspect that can add something extra, giving your house a homey, lived in tone, is artwork. Being able to choose a work of art that represents you can create the perfect vibe for your abode. Artwork can be considered anything in the range of paintings, drawings, sculptures, even antique pieces of furniture or accessories that tie in well with the rooms in your home. The artwork in your quarters should speak to you and your guests and symbolize your individuality.  Our personal favorites are the limited edition Kristina Krogh prints and the super popular Underground Line by Kreativitum.


Of course, the most important way to make a house a home is to show representation of family. Displaying photos of your relatives throughout your home can be a great way to begin the transition. The right frame can really add style to an already fantastic display. We love the simple Moebe Frame as they are easy to mount and hang as well as aiding the minimalist look we love! Another great idea is to display items that your children have made, such as artwork, to illustrate how proud you are of your family and the loving bond that you share. You can also never go wrong with a wall, in your pantry, garage, or whatever spot you choose, that is dedicated to keep track of the growth of your children. We personally love this giant ruler… and this photo, something about it just gets you in the feels!


Images via:
Cover – Dust Jacket Attic Blog
Image 2 – Common Floor
Image 3 – My Scandinavian Home
Image 5 – Not on the High Street