Mon’s Cliff Denmark

Traveling often involves just hopping from city to city seeing the sites, which is amazing and all but like most people, getting out the city from time to time is a must! If you’re heading to Copenhagen, which is amazing by the way, I highly recommend taking a day trip down to Mon and visiting Mon’s Cliff.


Mon’s Cliff stretches for 7 km and reaches a height of 128 m, these white chalk cliffs are truly stunning and the with an easy stroll through a beautiful forest along with a lot of stairs down to the beach below it’s well worth the journey and will definitely be just what you need to reconnect with nature. The white cliff next to the blue Ocean and green beech trees gives a very dramatic but picture perfect place to relax. When you reach the beach, have a look at the rock itself, it’s interesting how it just crumbles away. Have fun exploring Mon’s cliff and surrounding area!


If you’re interested in knowing a little more history about the cliffs you can read all about it at Visit East Denmark.

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The Laundromat Cafe Copenhagen

The things you don’t often hear about when it comes to traveling are the not so glamour tasks like doing laundry. Packing light is amazing but the major downside is that you will need to find either a wash and press or a laundromat and do it yourself, not the thrilling adventure one looks forward to when planning a holiday! But luckily for you if you’re in Copenhagen there is a fabulous place,The Laundromat Café, where you can do your laundry yourself for a good price, while having lunch and a couple drinks or siting back and relaxing with one of the hundreds of books they have available.
The Laundromat Cafe in Copenhagen great place to wash clothes and have lunch
We stopped here while visiting Copenhagen a few weeks ago and I must say the food was great, they had beers on tap and wonderful coffee and cakes. The cafe had a lovely cozy feel to it but the thing I liked most about this place was how busy it was, but not full of people doing laundry, full of locals catching up with family and friends over lunch!
The Laundromat Cafe in Copenhagen great place to wash clothes and have lunch
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