Danish Smorrebrod

The Danish Smorrebrod is an open-faced sandwich, perfect for lunch! 

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Recipe and image via: Style At Home

Get the Look – Monochrome

We’ve searched some of our favorite blogs to put together a Get the Look guide for you! I’m so excited to share with you some of these beautifully styled interiors from the pros to inspire you to get the look you’ve always wanted.
First is this stunning office space, just gorgeous am I right? Love the POV Wall Candle Holders by Menu and Wire Basket by Ferm they look fabulous and are currently both available.
This kids room is so sweet, and we love the Ferm Living Half Moon Basket with real leather handles, and I can guarantee these will still look wonderful in years to come.

Dropit Hooks are a stylish addition to any home, and are just way too cute!
The Light House Lantern by Normann Copenhagen, the size of this is just perfect and love how it can be used all year round throughout the home!

Pictures via:
A Merry Mishap Blog
Pastelli Maja Blog
Only Deco Love

Ferm Living’s Trine Anderson Home Tour

I’m sure if you’ve been here before you’ve likely seen all the lovely Ferm Living US products we stock, and if not well this is a brand you will want to check out, and of course, welcome to Blackthumb! This brand was created in 2005 and has quickly become a very well known Scandinavian brand, known for its graphic and retro charm and great quality products. This is the home tour of Trine Anderson the creator of Ferm, who has transformed this old warehouse and recording studio in Copenhagen into a beautiful family home.

Home Tour of Ferm Living Creator Trine Anderson Home Tour of Ferm Living Creator Trine Anderson

Here you will see many of the gorgeous Ferm products throughout her home, a few products that really stand out are the Totem and Marble cushions on the couch, vases, candle holders, and Wire Basket. I particularly love the outdoor space of this home, it looks so lovely and private! The garden is a fantastic example of using your urban space to it’s fullest.

Home Tour of Ferm Living Creator Trine Anderson Home Tour of Ferm Living Creator Trine Anderson

While the house could have taken a dark turn towards the feel of a showroom, it’s clever design and fantastic open spaces make for a very livable space. It shows perfectly how her brand is incorporated into any home!

Photos by Stellan Herner for Milk Decoration via Nordic Design.

College Dorm Essentials

First off, if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re moving away for school so a big congratulations to you! What an exciting time, you must be thrilled and likely can’t wait for the adventure to begin! It’s great it starts with something as fun as decorating your dorm room, so here’s a few tips and ideas of dorm room essentials to get you started.

First things first, try to get as much information as you can from the school in terms of the storage that will be available, that will help you with planning what you should or shouldn’t bring with you. Planning ahead now will not only save you time and money, but also the joy of running around every big box store in town and ending up with the same room design as your neighbor. 

It’s a known fact that one of the easiest ways to give a room your own vibe and a relaxed atmosphere is through artwork, and we have some fabulous artwork that would work perfectly for a dorm, the hands up collection comes to mind as something that I would have loved when I was going to school. It really does have every kind of mood that you often experience in one day at school!

College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor

Space savers such as the Pocket Organizers are a great way to keep all your bits and bobs close at hand, but getting stuff off your desk and counter tops! If you’re a green thumb or heck a black thumb like me who is trying to have more of a green thumb you can always place a few plants in here and create a beautiful green wall in your dorm to keep you connected with nature and the air clean, it will look super cool and unique as well.

College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor

Storage baskets and bins are essential, but something to keep in mind with such a small space is the fact you may not be able to hide it away, so try to get pieces that will complement the space and that you wouldn’t want to hide away anyway! The Hoop basket works wonderfully for book storage, the Lagre felt box for pillows and throws and the wire basket can use used for mittens, scarfs, or drawings if you’re in a program that requires you to carry around drawings.

College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor

Organizing your desk so you don’t waste time looking for a pen all the time will defienitly be worthwhile! The brass tray and cup from Ferm Living work wonderfully for desk storage and they look fabulous as well, who doesn’t love brass right now!

You will definitely want to have a few cups and glasses around for coffee or tea in the morning and an after school beverage, why not arrange them all neatly on the Nur Trays available, it will keep everything organized and in one spot.

College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor

Don’t forget you’ll need a laundry hamper, hopefully to just haul it back home every other weekend!

Don’t forget you will need to bring your own small trash can, as well as a tote for your toiletries if you have a shared washroom situation.

College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor College-Dorm-Essentials-Scandinavian-Decor

Have fun and good luck! We hope you can create a very cool room that you can feel inspired to study lots in, have fun, and create lots of amazing memories!

Home Office Ideas

If you’re self-employed and work from home it might be difficult to find a designated space to call your own, a space that will allow you to be inspired, and to think creatively. I know I’ve found myself working on the couch, at the dining table, basically in every room of the home and at times it can be very distracting. The benefits of designating a spot in your home to call your office will have many benefits; it’s wonderful to have a spot to keep all your paper work, ideas, and other business information. You may not have the perfect space but by being innovative and looking to corner’s that aren’t currently utilized you might just find the perfect location to call your home office.

Home Office Inspiration and Ideas Home Office Inspiration and Ideas

When setting up your home office think about functionality, how much desk space you will need versus accessories you need. Think of ways to keep all your bits and bobs off the desk with wall hanging storage, such as the Pocket Organizers, they have certainly been a life changer in my home. Adding a little nature into the space with fresh flowers or plants will keep you connected with the outdoors while you work, and if you can add a lamp to ensure the right lighting is available it will certainly make a big difference.

Home Office Inspiration and Ideas Home Office Inspiration and Ideas Home Office Inspiration and Ideas

One last way that’s probably the easiest to make a place feel more relaxed and inspiring is through artwork. We have a wide selection of artwork available that would be perfect for creating that inspiring gallery wall in any home office, such as the Rock On print for a little pick me up in the middle of a stressful day, or the Cocos plant print to add that little bit of nature to the space. Below you’ll find a few pieces I’ve picked out that would work beautifully for a monochrome inspired home office!

Home Office Inspiration and Ideas

1. Optunia print
2. Nur Tray
2. Pocket Organizer Three
4. Pocket Organizer One
5. Rock On print

With all the inspiring images of home offices we hope you’re able to create perfect space to help you get working on your amazing ideas.

Images via:

Nordic Design Inspiration

I’ve long been a fan of the blog Stylizimo created by Nina Holst, it’s full of beautiful design, interesting Scandinavian products and decorating tips. Today we’re sharing her renovated home, and to say it’s stunning would be an understatement. If you’re looking for a little Nordic home inspiration you will love this!

Nordic home inspiration from Nina of Stylizimo Blog Nordic home inspiration from Nina of Stylizimo Blog

Nordic home inspiration from Nina of Stylizimo Blog Nordic home inspiration from Nina of Stylizimo Blog

Nordic home inspiration from Nina of Stylizimo Blog Nordic home inspiration from Nina of Stylizimo Blog

Nordic home inspiration from Nina of Stylizimo Blog

I love the beautiful gallery wall is in the living room, all the clean lines throughout, the selection of modern furniture and white pine flooring. The home office looks like the perfect place to do some creative writing, and I love how spacious it seems!
The contrast between black and white all through the home is balanced perfectly throughout the space, it’s just gorgeous!

Head on over to Nina’s blog at http://stylizimoblog.com/ for some fabulous interior design inspiration.

If you’re looking at adding some Nordic playfulness into your home, you may like this article.

Images via: Dust Jacket Attic

The Wedding Gift

With the wedding season in full swing, it can be a little hard to think about what to get the special couple, especially if they don’t have a registry. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs on this topic to find out what others do for gifts and I was surprised to read that even with a registry, many still opt to trying to find something unique for the newlyweds. Something that really shows the couples style or character, or something that they can relate to after the wedding.

For example if the happy couple are going to Paris, London, or New York for their honeymoon a map of the underground, that they will likely getting very acquainted with on their trip, would be a lovely choice for a gift.

The Wedding Gift by Blackthumb Decor for North America

If they really enjoy art work, or modern design something from the Kristina Krogh collection that is also signed and numbered would likely be another great choice. We currently only have one of the Knot available, but it would be a perfect gift, and only 200 are available world wide, run quick to get it before it’s gone!

The Wedding Gift by Blackthumb Decor for North America

Even if you’re still stumped, a few items where you really can’t go wrong would be a throw blanket, it has a romantic touch as the couple can use it to snuggle up in on movie nights or a serving tray is another great one, with the idea of the couple serving each other breakfast in bed!

The Wedding Gift by Blackthumb Decor for North America

Another question often asked is what is the appropriate amount of money to spend? I feel that is entirely up to you. Spending what you can afford is all that matters, and if you can’t afford anything other than a card, heck that’s ok as well. From my experience most people invite you to their wedding to celebrate with you, and that’s all. With that said, for an item that is beautiful and low budget we have the Consilium Vase; they’re truly beautiful.

The Wedding Gift by Blackthumb Decor for North America

Or an item from the Mormor Collection, which is a lovely combination of a classic kitchen tea towel style with a modern twist!

The Wedding Gift by Blackthumb Decor for North America

If you choose to get a wedding gift through Blackthumb we would love to send a note and beautifully gift wrap your gift to any address of your choosing. We of course understand that with wedding gifts the couple may need a longer return policy and this is also something we can accommodate. Enjoy the wedding season, it’s a beautiful thing and so much fun!

Other good wedding information to prepare for the season – The Single Folks’ Guide to Surviving Another Wedding Season and Style Me Pretty at http://www.stylemepretty.com/ for an endless supply of wedding inspiration.

Fiddle Leaf Figs

Fiddle leaf fig plants look fabulous in any home. If you are thinking of getting one, great idea! They can easily be styled into your current interior. We’ve got a few tips on how to care for your fiddle leaf fig plant!

Fiddle Leaf Fig care tips at Blackthumb

With a new house plant it can take a little time to work out a watering pattern. Fiddle leaf figs require watering only when the top one inch of soil is dry, to check simply test the top soil with you finger.

Of course lighting is important, fig plants love lots of light but not direct sunlight so ensure that rays aren’t directly hitting the leaves.

As your plant grows you’ll need to re pot it into a larger container or trim the root ends, whichever you prefer as it grows.

If you’re looking for attractive and stylish bags to place your plants, check out a few our our favorites here and here.

Images via The Design Chaser and The Chalkboard Mag.