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With summer in full swing, evenings filled with friends and family on the deck, I thought I’d share some inspiring outdoor spaces that are absolutely stunning.  It can be a little tough trying to create the perfect outdoor space, heck what am I talking about, creating a perfect indoor space can be just as challenging but here we hope you can find some real inspiration on how to make a space that’s your own and that you LOVE!

Outdoor style inspiration  by Blackthumb decor Outdoor style inspiration  by Blackthumb decor

Did you see the latest issue of Style at Home of Jillian Harris’ home tour? Her fabulous outdoor space is below  and it’s beautiful! That’s will make you swoon!

Outdoor style inspiration by Blackthumb decor

 By adding some extra string lighting, and lanterns you can create a really lovely ambiance as well as lots of greenery to give it that warm, inviting and cozy feel. Oh and let’s not forget that if you’re living in many parts of Canada and the US it can get pretty chilly once the sun goes down, having lots of throws and pillows can keep everyone happy and sitting out there for hours!

Outdoor style inspiration  by Blackthumb decor Outdoor style inspiration  by Blackthumb decor

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Image source via: http://www.styleathome.com/, http://myscandinavianhome.blogspot.hk/ and http://nordicday.blogspot.hk/

Canvas Hotel

The Canvas Hotel in northern Norway (71 degrees north to be exact) is a rustic experience that puts you right into Tundra. The hotel is located on a small island in the middle of a beautiful lake.

birdseye view resize2
When I say “hotel” don’t expect an ice machine, HBO and a continental breakfast. What you can expect is a wooden floored yurt heated by a woodstove with luxurious beds. The terrain surrounding the hotel simply lends itself to mountain biking which is why there is over a 100km of singletrack that covers the range of all skills and riding styles.


sunset resize2
  To top it off, leave your coffee cup outside your door and you’ll be woken with fresh coffee and a natural paradise. What more could you ask for? Oh a lakeside stone bath on the dock? Got it.

canvas resize2

 For more photos and to make a reservation visit: http://www.canvashotel.no/



Five ways to add Nordic playfulness into your home

Scandinavian design is known for it’s cool, stylish feel, that’s so functional and timeless. We’ve put together a list of five ways you can add some of this Nordic playfulness into your own home.

Five ways to get the Nordic look in your home through Blackthumb
1. Keep your home bright and airy by using a light and neutral color palette. You can add pops of color into the space through art, textiles and accessories to prevent it from feeling to sterile (something I often hear from people when I suggest painting walls white).

Five ways to get the Nordic look in your home through Blackthumb
2. Add in some natural tones through wood and plants to give a connection to nature. I always feel having flowers or plants in the home gives a sense of the exterior world, and they’re also great for keeping the air clean.

Five ways to get the Nordic look in your home through Blackthumb
3. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new together. This is something I think Scandinavian designers do extremely well. It can add so much character to the room.

Five ways to get the Nordic look in your home through Blackthumb
4. There’s nothing wrong with going with very lovely bold patterns, if everything around it is within the same color scheme, it will look fab!

Five ways to get the Nordic look in your home through Blackthumb
5. When decorating your space, think about everything from floor to ceiling and ensure everything remains in the similar color palette and one item won’t take away for the other. Try to pick items that will have their own subtle character yet complement the next, and give each item its own space to breathe. Try to avoid the temptation to add unnecessary clutter.

Five ways to get the Nordic look in your home through Blackthumb
I often hear people say they could never paint their walls white, so to give you a little inspiration of how your home could look check out this stunning west coast home that was recently featured in Style at Home Magazine. The owners have done a fantastic job of creating a Scandi inspired space full of natural light, neutral tones, and playful colors. Read more about it here.

For loads more inspiring Nordic interiors check out these two blogs!
http://myscandinavianhome.blogspot.hk and http://nordicdesign.ca

Images via: My Scandinavian Home, Nordic Design and Style at Home. 

Oslo Ski Jump

We know, we know, this isn’t a hotel but this is one ludicrously amazing room in Oslo that Air BnB offered up for free as part of a contest. Set on top of the ski jump tower in the city that hosted the 1952 Olympics, this is modern, Nordic design with a view that would impress anyone. When they finally pry you out of this paradise, you’ll get the chance to zip line (!) the 200 feet down to the ground.

We always love converted spaces so let us know if you see any in your travels, we’ll put it up in our Lifestyle Travel section and give you a FREE Sne Design Lagre Basket.

Source and photos from: https://www.airbnb.com/

Ferm Living Showroom

We all know of the Scandi giant Ferm Living and their stunning selection of homewares. We’re privileged to be able to stock many of their products and today we’re sharing the stunning showroom they put together in the home of founder Trine Anderson.

Ferm Living Showroom via Blackthumb decor Canada and USA Ferm Living Showroom via Blackthumb decor Canada and USA Ferm Living Showroom via Blackthumb decor Canada and USA

Here you can feel inspired by the many beautiful products they have such as the Geometry Vases, large selection of organic cushions, prints, storage solutions, and so much more, isn’t it all great! We love giving you lots of inspiration and ideas of how you can create the perfect space in your home, and hope these images help. If you’ve bought some of our many products available we’d love to see how you’ve styled them in your home!

See more images on the Ferm Living Blog.
Images via http://littlescandinavian.com/tag/ferm-living/page/2/

Mirrorcube Tree Hotel

The Mirrorcube at the Tree Hotel in Northern Sweden is a stunning tree house set into the beautiful Nordic surroundings. The structure is a 4x4x4 metre cube with an aluminum base complemented by a birch frame and interior.

Mirrorcube Hotel Tree House Sweden at Blackthumb Mirrorcube Hotel Tree House Sweden at Blackthumb

It’s most obvious design feature is that it is not obvious at all; nearly invisible in the forest because of the mirror walls. It has a mystical feel to be concealed in nature while being able to see all around through six large windows.

Mirrorcube Hotel Tree House Sweden at Blackthumb Mirrorcube Hotel Tree House Sweden at Blackthumb

This room is available at www.treehotel.se from 4000 Swedish Kronor and is worth every penny!

Juvet Landscape Hotel

The Juvet Landscape Hotel, located near Valldal in Northwestern Norway, is an absolutely stunning example of perfect Scandinavian architecture nestled perfectly into nature. The rooms are dispersed through the property as individual houses and is done to minimize the environmental impact on the sensitive surroundings. According to their website, the idea for this type of hotel “emerged as an opportunity to exploit breathtaking scenery with minimal intervention, allowing locations which would otherwise be prohibited for reasons of conservation.” Every house has at least one wall built of glass and are so secluded, curtains aren’t even used.

winter-landscape-resizeJuvet Landscape Hotel Norway

The hotel features a spa, complete with a pool built into the ground next to the river, an outdoor hot tub and a relaxation area with an open fireplace. Amazing fjords away and the spectacular Gudbransjuvet Gorge are only a few kilometers away if you can pry yourself out of this gorgeous hotel. For a look at this space, the amazing new film Ex-Machina was filmed here.
Juvet Landscape Hotel Norway Juvet Landscape Hotel by Blackthumb

For some friends who love the big city thrills of New York, Tokyo, London et al, the thought of staying in a secluded hotel just south of the Arctic Circle was met with nothing short of horror. I expressed the idea that it would be the very contrast of the two making it really special, which didn’t go so well. So I showed them some photos and now they’re going….. not bitter at all.

More pictures or to book your stay visit: http://www.juvet.com/the-juvet-hotel/the-hotel

If you liked this you may also like the stunning Reindeer Pavilion also in Norway.


Nordic design in nature – Roadside Restroom

The last of our Nordic designs in nature are these roadside restrooms!

A bit of an unlikely hero of Nordic design is the rest stops in Norway. While most of us along North American highways would be happy with a Wendy’s and a bathroom that won’t give us the bubonic plague, Norwegian rest stops have incorporated such things as a bird lookout tower and a meditation room. Blog Ecosalon gives a fantastic look at a few of these here. Just a warning, these few examples may ruin you for the next time you pull off the highway for gas.

Pictures via: Ecosalon

If you missed the other examples of Nordic design in nature you can check them all out here!

Nordic design in nature – Churches

In a more urban environment, the Nordic design principles bring out some spectacular churches in the center of Helsinki. The Temppeliaukion Church (aka Rock Church for the minority of us not fluent in Finnish) is one of the most enchanting buildings I have ever stepped foot in. It is quarried out of the natural bedrock and you would walk right by it if you didn’t know it was there. It has a beautiful organ and a copper ceiling that provides amazing acoustics.

Another example in Helsinki is maybe less of a church and more of a public service known as the Kamppi Chapel of Silence. Constructed with wood and allowing natural light to pour through the roof, it creates a non-denominational space for Helsinkilainens (aka Helsinki residents, again not the easiest language!) to go during a busy day.

Nordic design in nature - churches by Blackthumb Nordic design in nature - churches by Blackthumb Nordic design in nature - churches by Blackthumb

Pictures via: K2S Architects

Nordic design in nature – Living Room Forest

Number three on our list of beautiful Nordic designs in nature is this stunning living room. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wish this was my living room! Feels like you’re sitting in the forest, except by a wood burning stove in a beautiful Wishbone chair. Knowing my Canadian side, I probably would have opted for a huge couch I can sprawl out on but the beauty of this space complements it’s natural surroundings.

If you missed the first few design don’t worry you can see them here and here. If you love the that wishbone chair, read about the designer here.

Picture source: Decor Guide