Organized Living with the Pocket Organizer

Organized living, sounds nice right, but not always easy to achieve. When I came across the Pocket Organizers, I thought they were absolutely fabulous with the countless different ways you can use them, and they are! If you’re struggling to find a way to store items you use regularly  have a look at these. They allow you to keep everything neat and tidy but still allowing you to have easy access to it. Here’s just a few ways you can use them.

  1. The kitchen – store all your utensils, wooden spoons, spatulas and more. This will help free up valuable counter and cupboard space, and having everything just an arms length away is always great.
  2. Organized living tips pocket organizer CanadaThe craft room – do you love DIY? You can store all your tools, supplies, and patterns.
    Organized living tips pocket organizer Canada
  3. The office – perfect for files you’re currently working on or often refer back to, while keeping your desk clutter free.
  4. Organized living tips pocket organizer CanadaThe bedroom – mount this beside your bed to hold your books and magazines, a great option if you do not have space for a bedside table.
    Organized Living tips pocket organizer Canada
  5. The hall – A fabulous place to store your plants while also creating an eye catching visual look on your wall.
    Organized Living Tips Pocket Organizer Canada

They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.
The designer behind these was Simon Legald, we had the opportunity to interview him so if you would like to read more about Simon on Danish Design check it out here.

For more on Simon visit his website at

Neon Halloween

I love this idea of a Neon Halloween! These would be so much fun to make and goes so well with all the colour trends we are currently seeing right now.

To make your own colorful pumpkins, you will need the following:

– White paint for the basecoat

– Different shades of pink, blue, yellow, green or whatever colors you like

– Paint brushes

– Pumpkins

Have fun painting and Happy Halloween!

We would love to see your painted pumpkins, share with us on Instagram @loveplantgrow!

 If you’re loving the light house lanterns check out more information about it here.


Small Apartment – Amazing Design

Have you ever lived in a place where your options for living were very limited and you always felt like you never had enough space? After living in Hong Kong I’ve lived in some very small apartments and longed for the days of having a basement and a huge walk-in closet! This apartment, which is only 38 meters squared is stunning. I love how they’ve opened up the whole space.The interior window provides lots of natural light into the kitchen, and the closed kitchen cupboards give a clean and simple look. Small details such as the task light in the living room that can easily be swung around to light the dining area is a wonderful feature. The way they’ve organized the closet in the bedroom is also really well done! What do you like most about it?


Scandinavian House Design – Blooc House

I’m having some serious house envy with the Scandinavian House Design of the Blooc House which has been beautifully styled and photographed by freelance interior stylist Annaleena Leino.  I love the build in desk, and dark coloured furniture and accessories added in to create more depth, especially the forest green chairs and onyx black stools. The industrial look to the staircase railing adds a lot of character. This house is full of natural light and gives the space a nice airy feel, without being too harsh. I also love the classic cafe style tiles in the kitchen, and the marble counter detail. I think Annaleena has done a wonderful job on the Blooc House.

For more on Annaleena visit her website at

For more on the Blooc house visit the website at

Danish Design with Simon Legald

Simon Legald, the young and talented Danish designer, has been named the “best up and coming designer” through the Danish interior magazine Bolig Magasinet’s. He was vetted by Normann Copenhagen, and received his Masters from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, and had the famous Sumo Pouf in production before graduation. He’s gone on to create other fabulous products such as the Folk Candlestick and Pocket Organizer. Simon likes to create products with honesty and functionality, so each product design is easily used and enjoyed. He has become an icon in Danish design today and we had the opportunity to interview him, hope you enjoy his insights into the design industry:

Simon Legald designs available through Blackthumb Canada

Simon Legald

What made you want to become a designer? Were you always around design growing up or is it something you learnt as you got older?
I didn’t grow up with any design, but always had an interest in drawing, and thought that I was going to work in the advertising business. Then, when I was about 14 years old, I had to analyze an advertisement for a design chair as a school project and that was my first meeting with the term “design”. It caught my attention and after high school I studied at Krabbesholm Højskole, where I took a semester in art and afterwards in product design. This was where I realized that products were what I wanted to spend my time creating, so I applied for the “The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design” where I got my Master in 2012.

What’s your design philosophy?
To keep products honest and functional.

What is your creative process when starting a new project?
My starting point is often looking into the function and archetype of the product, and then work my way towards something new but recognizable.

Sketches by Simon Legald products available through Blackthumb Canada

Sketches by Simon Legald

Out of all the creative people you’ve worked with, who is it you respect and admire the most?
Anthony Forsyth, who I worked together with when I was an intern, taught me a lot about design understanding and the quality of patience. Jan Normann Andersen co-founder of Normann Copenhagen, he has an endless passion about design which I admire a lot.

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on and why?
The process of the Form Chair was very interesting to work on, but also very long, it took over 2 years to get all the details correct, even though it looks quite simple…It is also my graduation project, so that is probably my favorite so far. I was a real learning experience.

form chairs by Simon Legald available through Blackthumb Canada

Form Chair.

When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do? If so why does it work for you?

The best inspiration for me is when I don’t look for it, but come across it by coincidence. I don’t have a specific way of collecting inspiration, but I tend to always photograph things I see along my path. My passion comes from being curious about material, shapes and the desire to create.

Sumo Pouf by Simon Leglad available in Canada

Sketches of the Sumo Pouf.

What’s your advice for people wanting to following in your footsteps?

Dialog with the manufacturers, understanding of production, and work hard – stay humble.

Any hints of projects coming up in the near future?

Expansion of the Form Chair range.

Thank you Simon for that very insightful interview on Danish design!

For more on Simon visit his website at

Autumn Interior Inspiration

This autumn interior inspiration is full of a wonderful mix of textures, colours and materials in these images. The dark moody colours give a dramatic yet cozy feel as we get ready for cooler weather ahead.  Photography by Petra Bindel and styled by the talented  Emma Persson Lagerberg.
What do you like about them?
Source: Decordots 

Travel Inspiration

I came across these images by the talented photographer, Jennifer Young. They are inspiring and captivating. I love how you can create your own story for each one. Which one if your favorite?

For more on Jennifer visit her website at

Monochrome Danish Design

I came across this gorgeous Danish home on Decordots Blog. I love the colour palette used here, and how to wood used has created a nice cozy feel.  The hanging light over the kitchen counter is fabulous. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Photography by: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer
From: Femina

Photo Wall Ideas

Are you in need of some Photo Wall Ideas and inspiration? If you’re planning to create a photo wall in your home check out these pictures by photographer Kristofer Johnsson. I personally love the angled one, it’s very unique and will definitely make your wall stand out!

Here are a few tips:
1 – Leave a minimum space of 8″ from the top of your furniture to the base of the frame.
2 – Choose colour palettes that add colour or complement the colours already in your space.
3 – Mixing and matching frames can add a lot of visual expression.
4 – Use painters tape to outline your plans to help you visualize.
5 – Have fun with your photo wall, and don’t over think it.

Try these tips to use as a basic template but don’t be afraid to get creative with your photo wall. Use your friends’ or family members’ photographs or artwork and show them with pride. Fill it with images of the places and people you love and enjoy!

For more on Kristofer visit his website at