Old and New

Love the mix of old and new in these images.

It’s not always easy to create this look, Marthe Holien has done a great job, as well as incorporating the delightful pastel colours.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold by Mila Interiors

Colour Trends: Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold by Mila Van Cooten at Mila Interiors.

Everyone knows that colour, especially bright, bold colours, can be risky, and it is often much easier to go for neutral colours. But brighter colours can really lift a home out of the ordinary and give it a modern update. It can help to wake up a plain room or highlight a centrepiece feature. From a simple hit of a saturated shade to a careful mix of zingy brights, slotting in strong hues is more effective – and easier – than you might think. So start exploring the colour wheel!

Bathroom Blues
Vibrant, deep sky blues really pop in any bathroom, especially ones that are spacious and naturally light. It becomes the focus of the room and there is no need for any wall art or decoration.

Bold Stripes Make Colour Choices Easier for the Rest of the Room
Bold stripes of different colours on features such as wallpaper, rugs and cushions open up a wide range of colour options for the soft furnishings and the theme of the room.

Oranges and Purples
Burnt orange and palatinate purple go beautifully together. It is rather risky, as they are clashing colours, but do a little research and you will see that they do work.

Can’t Decide on One Colour?
Multi-coloured rugs are great, because they include so many different colours that as long as the rest of the room complements that selection, there isnt a need for lots of decoration anywhere else.

Find a Common Theme in Your Pieces
Very extreme uses of bold colours such as yellows, blues and pinks can look great together. Just ensure that you have a base, a colour (preferably neutral) that is used in each piece so that they are all tied together.

Can Black and White be Bold?
Bold does not necessarily mean that it cant be black or white. Light rooms that use mainly black and white can still be bold and bright and look fantastic!

Bright White with Bold Colours
Injections of a bold colour in a white room make the room come alive. Most colours go nicely with grey, but I especially recommend a berry purple along with bright whites, it looks stunning!

Say YES to a Little Zest
Kitchen islands and splashbacks are classic places to include colour. Oranges, turquoises, yellows etc. are beautifully fresh. Orange glass splashback can give a potentially bland room a zesty zing.

Brightening Up Monochrome
Light spaces can be made sophisticated rather than plain thanks to bright, bold accents which can be introduced through lighting, furniture, decorative items etc. It adds character to a room.

How Much Bold is Too Much?
As long as they work together, you can never have enough!

For more on Mila visit her website at http://www.mila-interiors.co.uk/#!Colour-Trends-Dont-Be-Afraid-To-Go-Bold/cqqm/3557733E-62C7-405C-93AC-19FC30D90750

Afraid of Flying Tips for the Fearful Flyer

Today there are thousands of flights operating all around the world, and flying is known as one of the safest modes of transport. However many of us still suffer from the fear of flying and before boarding that plane we can have some serious catastrophic thinking. I came across a list of helpful Afraid of Flying Tips on how to relax on your next flight on Joanna Goddard’s blog A Cup of Jo, I hope they help you the next time you fly. I personally like to start with number ten first!

Check out the tips here: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.hk/2014/05/are-you-scared-of-flying.html

Plant a Seed

If you’re planning to grow some of your own herbs or flowers this winter here a few tips I found to be very helpful when I first started planting from seed:

1 – Place a few pebbles in the bottom of the pot and ensure that it has sufficient drainage.
2 – Plant the seeds twice the depth of its length. I generally lightly pack the soil before sowing the seeds and then sprinkle soil on top after.
3 – Try to not over water your seeds/plant. It depends on what you’re growing but I’ve found keeping the soil moist has been the best. Water once or twice a day (depending on how dry the soil is), once in the morning and once in the evening. If it dries out between watering that’s ok.
4 – Ensure they are in a sunny window (south or east facing is best). If you get a lot of east facing sun you can place your plants in an east window to catch the morning sunlight and move them to a south window to catch more sun the rest of the day.
5 – Be sure to tend to them every day especially when they’re germinating and just starting to grow, this is a critical time.
6 – Enjoy watching them grow! If you think your plants over crowded pick a few out and re-pot into another container.

We would love for you to share any helpful tips you have, I am still new to gardening and have a lot to learn myself!

Pictures by: Marthe Holien

Timeless Simplicity

Timeless Simplicity
We’re excited to share with you that our new products will be arriving shortly.
Our main inspired theme at Black Thumb is Timeless Simplicity. In today’s stressful society we want to give you the perfect space to relax and feel inspired.

Tips on Freezing Herbs

With another great summer coming to an end I thought today would be a good time to start freezing some herbs. Here’s some helpful tips on freezing herbs.
1. Pick leaves from your plant (we used sweet basil).
2. Chop leaves.
3. Place into ice cube tray and cover with water for freezing.
4. Once frozen, place in a zip lock bag to enjoy all winter long!

Colour Trends by Jenni Juurinen

We love these images and had share them with you. We love the simplicity in each image from the classic black and white, the mixing of different hues of coral and soft pink, the pastels that complement the bright yellow, and all the blues.
Which is your favorite?

Photography by Jorma Marstio

To see more of Jenni’s work visit her website at http://jennijuurinen.com/Trends2014


Inspiration by Jenni Juurinen

Inspiring Notes by Jenni Juurinen.

I love these images of drawings, it’s where it all begins. They remind us that everything has a beginning. Behind each great design is a story of how it became it’s own.

Photography by Kristiina Kurronen